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Environment-Friendly Clinic

The Dr. Jerry Kohen Dental Center was built as a “green” clinic, based on the important principles of green building. Every day, the staff of the dental clinic implements innovative methods and techniques for protecting the environment and caring for the health of the patients and staff.

Environment-friendly principles in building the clinic:

• The clinic was established in a very old building while preserving the external and internal structure to the greatest extent possible, making great efforts to use what already existed and reduce construction waste.
The building was constructed from “green” raw materials to a great extent, while attempting to use local products and recycled materials.
We were careful to leave maximal areas for rainwater to soak into the ground (synthetic grass, wooden deck) in the building’s yard.
We laid out the various spaces in a manner that enables the greatest utilization of natural light during the day, as well as installing energy saving lighting.
• The location of the clinic in a central area enables comfortable access using public transportation.
We planned the building in a manner that limits areas of activity during designated hours, thus saving energy.
To maintain water quality and prevent contamination, special filters were installed on the main lines.
Renovation of the clinic was planned and managed under the supervision of a licensed green building advisor – Osnat Cohen Binyamin.

Environmentally Friendly Management of Operations at the Dental Center:

Reduced use of paper - Medical records are managed using only the computer.

Digital radiography - A lower powered sensor is used for x-rays, thus eliminating the need for a large amount of radiation (up to 90% less). An immediate image is seen on the computer screen without using developing materials or printing the picture, thus saving paper.

Removal of medical waste - Waste is treated under the National Health Regulations (Treatment of Waste in Institutions) of 1997, and is transferred by a specialized company that removes medical waste to the treatment facility. We use various types of appropriate collection containers for the disposal of infectious waste, and biohazard bags and collection containers for the sharp items being disposed in order to separate the different dangerous substances and allow for the safe and efficient removal of materials used in the dental clinic.

Maintenance of water quality – At the clinic, every dentist and staff member is careful to maintain the high quality of the water used in the pipes and treatment stations where the dentists and clinical staff work. For example, antibacterial antiseptic solutions are used and filters have been installed to prevent the return of fluid in the lines of the treatment units.

Saving water - The clinic uses faucet regulators to reduce water waste. In addition, the green garden on the premises is based on synthetic grass, saving thousands of liters of water per year.

Recycling paper and plastic - All paper and plastic products which accumulate at the clinic and can be recycled are collected and sorted into different containers and sent to the appropriate recycling facility. In addition, the clinical staff takes care to use only recycled paper, including tissue and printer paper.

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