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Quality Innovative Smart Green Dentistry
Complete Computerization
The dental center is completely computerized – all of the medical information, treatments and x-rays are on the computer, so there is no possibility of “paperwork that disappeared” or “x-rays we can’t find.” All of the information is available, secured and stored at the clinic for quick, efficient use.

Green Dental Clinic
Dr. Jerry Kohen’s Dental Center was built according to “green construction” – thought was invested in building based on the important principles of environmentally-friendly construction. The staff of the dental center implements daily the innovative methods and techniques for protecting our environment and the health of our patients and staff. Read More

We use an advanced anesthetic technique: computerized anesthesia that is syringe-less and painless. WAND performs local anesthesia with a smaller quantity of anesthetic agent and allows the patient to continue his daily routine without a heavy feeling in the mouth. Read More about the WAND STA

We make extensive use of disposable tools and are meticulous regarding complete sterilization of the permanent equipment for patient care. All of the water in the dental center is filtered at a high level (reverse osmosis), ensuring the use of pure water.

ISO 9002-2002 Standard
An ISO Standard from the Standards Institution of Israel is a European/global standard that encompasses all areas of the business. The standard gives patients the confidence that the dental clinic is run reliably and abides to stringent quality requirements, uses only the best materials, is clean, committed to serving the patient, strictly follows the rules of proper hygiene and sterilization and is constantly reviewing and testing its operations.

Microscope for Root Canal Treatments
Using the microscope, a new age has commenced in the field of renewing root canal treatments; with its help, much higher treatment quality and precision are obtained.
The microscope enables conducting root canal treatments with the utmost precision, locating all of the small spaces in the roots and preventing unnecessary complications during and subsequent to the treatment.
In addition, in cases when it is impossible to perform a root canal treatment via the crown of the tooth, a surgical root canal is performed. The microscope allows for exact resection of the root end, where most of the bacteria which cause inflammation around the root have accumulated. It also assists in extremely accurate sealing of the ends of the canal to prevent continuing penetration of bacteria to the tissue surrounding the root.

Unique Tool for Root Canals
At the dental center, root canal treatments are performed with special files made of nickel titanium (NiTi), which are six times more flexible than regular files. In addition, the use of Densply’s X-Smart endodontic electric micro-motor significantly improves the success of root canal treatments and especially root canal retreatments.

Biolase Dental Laser by Epic
The Epic Biolase offers enhanced safety and operative power, and is intended for soft tissue surgery and pain control and alleviation procedures.
A proprietary ComfortPulse setting delivers precisely controlled micropulses of diode energy to the tissue, followed by “down” time to allow tissue to respond positively, resulting in improved patient comfort, less damage to surrounding tissues, and better healing. Other capabilities of the laser include relief of aphthous ulcers and herpetic lesions, implant exposure, pain therapy and relief, and “pocket therapy” using single-use disposable Perio tips.

Ultrasound in Dentistry – Piezosurgery
Dental treatments can be performed using an advanced ultrasound device for performing gentle, painless surgery. The treatment using the Piezosurgery device is performed using ultrasound waves and not mechanically (without drilling).
The use of this advanced technology allows maximum precision and optimal safety while the dentist works.
More complex operations can be performed while avoiding damage to soft tissue (blood vessels, nerves, sinus membranes and other organs). This careful action results in quicker and higher-quality recuperation.

Quality Innovative Smart Green Dentistry

Innovative Green Dentistry by Dr. Jerry Kohen 
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