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Teeth Alignment for Adults

Teeth alignment for adults is becoming an accepted treatment with time. Today, there is a heightened awareness of aesthetics and technology has advanced. People want to look younger in order to succeed at the workplace and in their social environment, and in relationships. The treatment methods, which place a greater emphasis on aesthetics, enable adults to benefit from these treatment options as well.

Why is it more commonplace to see adults opting for teeth alignment treatments?

1. Great increase in awareness of external appearance

2. Expectations of the social environment to have a young, fresh look

3. Technological means that didn’t exist in the past – lingual orthodontics, Invisalign removable aligners.

4. Lack of financial capability in the past

5. More and more studies proving that occlusion defects are a result of incorrect position of the teeth

6. General fear of dental treatments which prevented treatment in the past

7. Lack of awareness of the possibility of teeth alignment at their age

8. Desire to keep the teeth whole and not grind them; therefore, as part of the treatment plan, we will use teeth alignment and implants, and less dentures.

9. Treatment during adolescence which failed

10. Part of a rehabilitation plan

Is teeth alignment in adults similar to teeth alignment in children?

When dealing with teeth alignment in adults, it is important to remember that the growth of the bones has already ended. In children, stronger pressure can be applied, and the direction of the growth of the bones can be influenced. For adults, less pressure must be applied in order to prevent damage to the tooth, and the growth of the bone cannot be influenced. In children, teeth alignment that is properly done by a specialist takes advantage of the natural growth to direct and speed up the treatment. In adults, no growth takes place and therefore, the treatment usually takes longer. Applying pressure in adults is also problematic because of the recession of the gums, and in the framework of the treatment, we can undoubtedly also improve bone loss and loss of gum tissue.

Can anyone receive teeth alignment treatment at an older age?

The only limitation is the patient’s physical condition and his willingness to cooperate. First, factors causing gingivitis must be eliminated and areas with caries treated, as well as faulty reconstructions. Because in some cases, teeth alignment for adults is part of an inclusive rehabilitation plan, all of the factors must be coordinated in order to plan the treatment schedule. An adult who chooses to undergo teeth alignment treatment usually has higher motivation than a child and is prepared to put effort into the process out of an understanding of its importance, and therefore the results are usually excellent. Fillings, crowns and other treatments that have accumulated over the years do not pose any problem, and in some of the cases, they even are of assistance as anchoring points.
In addition, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the big advantage of short, partial teeth alignment before rehabilitation, which can significantly improve the quality and duration of the final rehabilitation.

Aesthetic Orthodontics in Adults:

It is possible that classic orthodontics, in which metal brackets and bands are affixed, is deterring, and therefore, methods which facilitate and ensure an aesthetic look not only after the treatment, but even during the treatment period itself, have been developed.

Clear Brackets

Lingual Orthodontics


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