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Teeth Alignment Techniques

What techniques are used to align teeth?

Teeth alignment can be performed at any age, and various techniques may be used, including clear brackets, in order to achieve dental aesthetics even during the treatment process.

1. Regular brackets

These are used in most cases of treatment. They are made of metal and are very reliable, but constitute an aesthetic disadvantage. However, many choose to even make their brackets stand out by placing colorful bands on them, as a fashion statement.
2. Clear brackets

These are used like regular brackets for teeth alignment treatments, but since they are clear, they are aesthetic.
3. Lingual orthodontics

The brackets are affixed to the inner side of the tooth and are therefore not visible at all when the patient smiles. The aesthetic advantage is obvious. These can be used in most orthodontic treatment cases. The disadvantage is that the adjustment period is longer.
4. Invisalign – Removable, pre-planned aligners

Teeth alignment using completely transparent aligners custom made in the United States for each patient. The obvious advantage is the perfect dental aesthetics, because it can be removed from the mouth at any time. The disadvantages are the longer treatment period and the high cost of the treatment. For more information, browse the Invisalign website: www.invisalign.com.
5. New, innovative techniques

Technological advancements have resulted in shorter, more elegant orthodontic treatment. One example is self-locking brackets which make superfluous the exchanging of elastic bands, a process that delays treatment. These brackets, manufactured by companies such as Damon or Innovation, can reduce treatment time by up to 40%.

6. AcceleDent

Our clinic can also offer the AcceleDent device, which is intended to accelerate orthodontic treatment, reducing the time needed for completion by up to 50% . Studies have shown that the vibrations emitted by the device induce biologic reactions that promote rapid tooth movement. The device requires just 20 minutes of treatment time per day and is compatible with all orthodontic appliances , including external and internal brackets and invisalign arches. The AcceleDent device is appropriate for use when time is of essence , such as a family event, long planned trip etc.

Examples of Teeth Alignment Treatments

1. Teeth alignment with locking brackets
The treatment were done using standard brackets

Before- On the left side the upper teeth are in an interior position; the correct position is as shown on the right side.

2. Clear Brackets
Teeth alignment using clear brackets

Before- open bite, crowding     After
and tooth inclination.

3. Lingual Orthodontics
Unseen, combined with an implant.

Photo 1                             Photo 2                             Photo 3 – end treatment    Photo 4 – end treatment

Photo 1: Beginning of treatment, missing lateral incisor and cuspid not in place
Photo 2: Cuspid moved into place and space opened for missing tooth
Photo 3: End of treatment, missing tooth inserted with an implant and crown
Photo 4: End of treatment

4. Invisalign

5. Today, there is amazing technological advancement and teeth alignment treatments can be completed elegantly and within a shorter period of time.

Fast metal brackets with self-locking

Fast teeth alignment – up to 40% minimization of treatment time (for example, with DAMON or Innovation brackets, using a special lock within the bracket, thus eliminating the need for bands, which slow down the treatment.

Orthodontics can also be used for prosthetic solutions, such as the forced eruption of broken teeth
Orthodontic forced eruption and rehabilitation of an anterior tooth (instead of extracting and implanting)

1                                  2                               3

Photo 1: Severe breakage of anterior tooth
Photo 2: Temporary crown and orthodontic forced eruption in order to facilitate rehabilitation
Photo 3: After rehabilitating the tooth

Pulling the tooth lingually will allow correct reconstruction of the two missing teeth upon two implants.
The advantage is short term orthodontic treatment (just several weeks).

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