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Removable Rehabilitation

1. Full Denture

A full denture is a denture which complements the entire jaw (in cases of complete tooth loss) and restores basic functions such as speech, eating, support for the lips and cheeks and more. The denture rests on the gums alone on the lower jaw, and so after a few years of use, it becomes unstable. On the upper jaw, it rests upon the gums and palate, and therefore interferes with speech, is very uncomfortable and extremely impairs the sense of taste.
In order to overcome these problems, we recommend the use of 2-4 implants for the lower jaw and for the upper jaw, 4 implants and a bar connecting between them. This creates a strong anchor upon which the denture is supported – contributing stability, confidence, and improved, more effective eating and mastication. In addition, an upper denture made up of 4 implants does not interfere with the palate and is therefore more comfortable; the acclimatization time to the denture is much shorter. Additional examples can be found on the page entitled Complete Jaw.

Complete upper denture
Complete upper denture inserted with 4 implants and a bar – notice the relieved palate!

Photo 1: Bar on lower jaw
Photo 2: Bar on upper jaw
Photo 3: Dentures can look excellent – the smile of a math professor

2. Partial Denture

When a few teeth are missing, they can be filled in with a partial denture, which is either permanent or temporary. A temporary one is for a period of a few months – until the permanent rehabilitation is decided. This is made usually out of acrylic or soft polymer. A permanent partial denture as a final solution is usually made out of acrylic with metal clasps that hold onto the existing teeth. There are many possibilities to improve the partial denture, with crowns, special clasps (example 1), combined with implants (example 2), or with clasps that are the same color as the gums (example 3), or from soft polymer (example 4), depending on the state of the patient’s teeth, his personal preference and the cost.

Example 1

Partial denture with crowns and precision connectors

Partial denture with precision connectors

Example 2

Partial removable denture with connectors on the teeth and implants in the form of a primary bar with clasp connectors. The denture does not include the palate – a huge advantage in terms of comfort, feels more natural.

Example 3 - Partial denture with pink clasps

A quick, comfortable solution, supported by pink clasps which help to improve the aesthetic look.

Example 4 – an aesthetic, elastic partial denture – without metal

No metal and no clasps – perfect fit for the palate

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