Open Sinus Lift

The sinuses are air cavities inside the skull which function to increase resonance of the voice. The maxillary sinuses are located above the upper posterior teeth. Therefore, in cases when teeth must be implanted to replace these teeth and bone volume is missing, there is difficulty in inserting the implant. Bone absorption occurs immediately after a tooth extraction, and usually if an extended period of time passes between the extraction and the rehabilitation, little bone is left. One of the effective treatment methods is a sinus lift, which increases the amount of bone holding the implants by compromising the area of the sinus.

Two primary methods:

1. Open sinus lift (lateral) – the opening of the sinus is above the missing teeth.
2. Closed sinus lift – the opening of the sinus is in the location of the missing teeth.

The method chosen by the dentist is according to the state of the existing bone, the amount of implants required, and the knowledge and specialization of the dentist.

Sinus Lift – In Practice

A sinus lift treatment is meant for patients requiring teeth implants, but because of the limited quantity of jaw bone, dental implants cannot be inserted in the location of the missing teeth. A sinus lift treatment is expected to solve this problem and increase the jaw bone, so that those patients will be able to undergo teeth implantation without any problems. Beforehand, panoramic images and a CT scan are required in order to choose the correct method.

Open Sinus Lift

The dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue and an opening in the jaw bone into the sinus. Through the opening, the materials for regenerating the new bone (bone substitutes) are inserted. Upon completion of the procedure, the dentist will stitch the incision. This enables the insertion of a large amount of bone and recognizably increases the jaw bone. The operation is suitable for people suffering from extensive lack of bone when a significant sinus lift is required.


1. X-ray image: before beginning of operation – obvious lack of bone is displayed
2. Packing the sinus with bone and inserting the implants

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