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Single Implant

Single Implants
Single Implants
The major advantage
of implants

implants is that there is no
need to grind the teeth
adjacent to the missing
tooth, as is done when
inserting a bridge.

The implant provides a permanent solution for a long period of time. Dental implants are not appropriate for every case and are only feasible when the jaw meets certain conditions that allow for successful implantation, and depending on the dentist’s recommendation. Smoking, improper hygiene, imbalanced diabetes, and certain medications are the main causes for complications and failure of the implants, especially in situations of new bone grafting. If the implant is stable enough, an abutment and crown can be immediately affixed to it. The process is called – implantation and immediate loading.

When the conditions are ideal, the implant is simple and quick, as seen in the following case:

1 Implantation - without opening the gums!
2 Affixing the abutment and temporary crown
3 Porcelain crown

An extraction, implant, grafting of new bone and immediate loading (of a temporary crown) can all be performed in just one appointment

1 Before – the crown fell off and the tooth is designated for extraction
2 A few days after the extraction, new bone is grafted and immediate loading is performed
3 The crown, 12 years after the implantation

Extraction, implantation and restoration of original crown in just one 45 minute appointment

1 Tooth is designated for extraction because of a fracture in the root
2 Tooth is extracted – very carefully, and implantation is performed
3 Abutment is fitted to implant
4 The original crown is reinserted – it will serve in the meantime as a temporary crown

Extraction, bone grafting, immediate implantation and immediate fixed rehabilitation! In order to improve aesthetics, the old crown may be used as the temporary crown, and in some cases, even put back into place as the permanent crown!

1 Before
2 Extraction, insertion of implant, addition of bone and reinsertion of original crown
3 Return check-up two years later

Compensation for wide molar with two implants, sometimes when a wide molar is missing – meaning, the space between the two adjacent teeth is over 12-13 mm.

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