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Multiple Implants

When a number of teeth are missing, the situation can be rehabilitated using a few implants and crowns connected to one another (a bridge). Implantation and building a permanent bridge within 72 hours – immediate loading is possible thanks to non-traumatic implant techniques.

Photo 1: First appointment - Insertion of three implants in place of three teeth - without incisions.
Photo 2: Placement of abutments and measuring for the permanent crowns.
Photo 3: Second appointment - Bonding of permanent bridge.

Extraction, immediate implantation and immediate loading of bridge without opening the gums, in three sessions

Photo 1: First appointment- Insertion of four implants. Notice the tooth which as been extracted and replaced by an implant.
Photo 2: Notice the tooth that was extracted, with an implant inserted in its place.
Photo 3: Second appointment - Bonding the permanent porcelain bridge 3 months later.
Photo 4: 5 years later.
Photo 5: 15 years later.

Implantation of teeth and grafting of new bone in a case of lack of initial bone

Photo 1: Before treatment - overview
Photo 2: Before treatment - front view
Photo 3: Insertion of implants and new bone augmentation
Photo 4: Temporary bridge - end of first appointment
Photo 5: Permanent bridge - second appointment- six months after the implantation.
Photo 6: 10 years later

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