Complete Jaw

In circumstances that involve complete loss of all teeth or when the teeth cannot be rehabilitated, implant can be used to restore the dentition in several ways:

1. Fixed restoration – Crowns – Cannot be removed by the patient and are fixed to the implants.
2. Fixed restoration – Prosthesis – The restored dentition is connected by a series of screws to the implants.
3. Removable restoration – Denture - A removable dentition that is clipped onto an implant-supported fixed bar or ball attachments that hold it in place.

Fixed restoration – Crowns
Fixed restoration – Prosthesis
Removable restoration– Denture
All on 4-6 implant restoration

1. Permanent Rehabilitation – Crowns
When there is a complete lack or loss of teeth, or when the teeth cannot be rehabilitated, the jaw can be rehabilitated using implants.

Photo 1: 8:00 AM, beginning of work
Photo 2: 9:45 AM, End of implantation of upper jaw
Photo 3: 10:45 AM, End of implantation of lower jaw
Photos 4 and 5: 11:30 AM, Placement of temporary crowns
Photo 6: 11:45, Bonding and balancing

Rehabilitation of a Complete Jaw in Two Appointments
Especially suitable for foreign residents

Photo 1: Before
Photo 2: Extraction + Immediate implantation + Immediate loading
Photo 3: Smile after completion of stage
Photo 4: Permanent crowns – after about 3 months

2. Permanent Rehabilitation – Dentures
A denture (dental prosthesis) supported by implants is a good, effective and inexpensive solution.

Photo 1: Implants on lower jaw – two weeks after implantation
Photo 2: Screw Retained denture, inside view – meant for the lower jaw
Photo 3: Screw Retained denture in its place on the lower jaw, the holes will not be seen because they will be filled with filling material
Photo 4: End of treatment – smiling with both dentures

3. Removable Rehabilitation – Dentures

3.1 Denture supported by implants and a bar

Upper jaw

Photo 1: Upper bar assembled on the implants
Photo 2: Denture assembled on the bar on the upper jaw – nothing is on the palate
Photo 3: Teeth with dentures can look excellent

Lower Jaw

Photo 4: Implantation of implants and abutments
Photo 5: Attachment of implants to bar for stability and fastening
Photo 6: Adjusting the denture and locking the clasps

Photo 1: Attachment of dentures to bar for stability and fastening
Photo 2: Adjusting the denture and locking the clasps

3.2 Denture with individual implants and connectors

Denture supported by individual implants

Photo 1: Two implants with two ball connectors
Photo 2: Three implants with three ball connectors
Photo 3: Four implants with four ball connectors
Photo 4: Four implants with four ball connectors

Denture supported by two exact connectors

Photo 1: Denture with exact connection
Photo 2: Two implants with two precision connectors

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