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Porcelain Fillings (Porcelain Onlays)

A porcelain onlay is essentially a type of restoration/ lab-produced filling made of porcelain.

In situations of caries or a broken tooth, the tooth must be restored using filling material. In the past, the only available option for restoring the tooth was using amalgam, a silver-colored, non-aesthetic filling. However, over the past few years, more and more people are choosing to restore their teeth with advanced, aesthetic materials, such as white fillings that match the tooth’s natural color.

When caries are more advanced and the damage is extensive, a regular restoration procedure done at a dental clinic may not last over time, even if done perfectly. When little tooth material is left for the filling material to bond to, the chances that the restoration/filling procedure done at the dental clinic will last over time is relatively low.

One of the considerations examined in situations like these where there is extensive caries or a broken tooth is whether the pulp of the tooth is damaged, in which case a root canal is needed. However, there are cases in which there is no damage to the pulp, but because of the extent of the filling that would be needed, we will opt for a root canal and rehabilitate the tooth with an abutment and crown.

The changes that have occurred over the past few years in the field of dental materials and digital scanning and production enable us to offer restorations/lab-produced fillings made of porcelain, such as porcelain onlays. While this type of restoration has been available for many years, the new materials and digital production enable us to create these restorations more precisely, aesthetically and quickly.

How does it work?

Two appointments are necessary. At the first appointment, the caries and every weak part of the tooth is removed. Afterward, the tooth is scanned using the digital scanner and the information is transferred digitally to a computerized lathe. The lathe shapes the onlay out of an ingot of reinforced porcelain to perfectly complement the damaged tooth. At the second appointment, the restoration is bonded to the tooth.

1. Spares the need for a root canal.
2. Strong and durable for years.
3. Highly aesthetic – porcelain filling.

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