Dental Veneers

When an aesthetic dental defect exists, such as gaps between teeth, broken teeth, faulty reconstructions, discolored teeth (following a root canal), teeth stained due to medication or when the patient just wants to change tooth form, the tooth can either be rebuilt or faced with a veneer:
A.Bonding – A composite restoration that is bonded to the tooth without harming it. Bonding is a simple, esthetic and affordable solution.
B.Laminate (Veneer) – When there is need of complete coverage of the tooth the solution is usually a porcelain veneer, although composite ones can be used as well. Sometimes there is need of tooth preparation to make room for the laminate, although not often. The laminate is fabricated by the laboratory as a thin blade that is then cemented to the tooth.

Reconstruction of the crown of a broken tooth


Before                           After

Porcelain Laminate Veneers used to change the structure, position and color of the tooth – without grinding the tooth at all!

Before                           After

Before                           After

2 Porcelain Laminate Veneers

 Before               Before                After                   After

A young model broke her two front teeth in a bicycle riding accident.

Before treatment:

Lateral incisor - loss of 50% of tooth material;
Central incisor - loss of 30% of tooth material (fracture is larger on the internal side).

Lateral incisor following root canal, post, and tooth preparation for a crown.
Lateral incisor with a temporary crown and central incisor with temporary composite filling.

Final restoration:

Lateral incisor with a     7 years later.
Procera metal-free
Central incisor faced
with a porcelain veneer.

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