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Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Children

Many parents wonder why the baby teeth should be treated, since they will fall out anyway.
The problem lies in the fact that we forget that the baby teeth serve our children from the time they are babies until they are about thirteen!

Our children eat with their baby teeth. Their teeth play an important role in growth, speech, pronunciation and the development of the jaw bones. The baby teeth influence the permanent teeth that will erupt later. Let’s not forget that aside from the developmental, nutritional and health factors that baby teeth influence, there’s also the social – aesthetic factor.
Caries in baby teeth is usually the result of several causes:

A cryogenic diet (a diet very rich in carbohydrates and sugars, which encourages the development of caries), poor hygiene, genetics and bad habits such as falling asleep with a bottle of sweetened juice/formula all cause caries in baby teeth. The advancement of the caries in the baby teeth is very quick due to their small size, and there are cases of rampant caries, in which there are multiple areas with caries throughout the mouth.

The picture shows a toddler just three years old with advanced caries damage throughout her entire mouth. Aside from the pain and nutritional impairment, the condition of her teeth already bothered her aesthetically, even at this young age.

In such a case, it is very important to first of all treat the girl’s health issue and restore her mastication capability. But the treatment can also be done in an aesthetic way. The treatment for the above girl was performed by Dr. Revital Shaskind, a pediatric dentistry specialist.

Under light anesthesia, the treatments were performed throughout the mouth. Areas affected by caries were repaired. The anterior teeth were reconstructed using composites (“white fillings”). Because the posterior baby molars were too damaged, they needed to be rehabilitated with crowns after a root canal was performed. Unlike adult teeth, the procedure is simpler and pre-made crowns which fit baby teeth are used. In the past, the only option available was to use prefabricated crowns made of metal – “gray crowns.” However, today even children’s treatments are advanced and prefabricated crowns made of zirconia have been developed for an aesthetic and functional result.

Written by Dr. Meir Angi
Photos on page courtesy of Dr. Revital Shaskin
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