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All that you need under one roof

All that you need under one roof
All that you need under one roof
No more confusion and foot-dragging
No more running around between medical centers, clinics and different specialists. Dr. Jerry Kohen's Dental Center is a multidisciplinary private clinic. Eighteen dentists and skilled specialists will provide fast, efficient treatment at one excellent clinic.

A personal approach
The right combination of professionalism and personal attention. You choose the dentist, and he/she will care for all of your long or short term treatment needs, whether frequent or once a month – personally tailored for you.

Awareness of aesthetics and a desire for perfection – we make every effort so that you will have a healthy, stunning smile. The best technological equipment, the finest treatment materials, innovation and openness are our mottos so that we can treat you in the best way possible.

Responsibility, knowledge and experience
The clinic was established in 1971. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience acquired, it ahs become a national center for aesthetics and dental implants. By using the newest, most advanced methods, we provide quick and trustworthy solutions, from a missing tooth to an entire toothless mouth – we can rehabilitate the entire mouth in one day! Our clinic takes 100% responsibility for all rehabilitations for a period of 8 years!

Green Dental Clinic
Along with our excellent treatments, we are dedicated to the environment, with our “green clinic.” We use green construction, use water recycling methods, electricity saving methods, full computerization and a digital panoramic x-ray machine.

At our clinic, there are a large number of dentists, so there will always be someone available to treat you. The clinic is open almost the entire day long and for emergency situations as well.

Aesthetics and Hygiene
We are careful to keep our clinic clean and aesthetic, from the waiting room to the treatment room and the dentist’s sterilization – using disposable materials such as aprons, needles, trays, syringes, etc.

Private Clinic
Dentists employed by an organization do not have any personal responsibility toward their patients, and if the organization goes bankrupt or closes, you won’t have anyone to turn to. Our clinic is private and has been taking care of its many patients for over 40 years, so we’re not going anywhere.

Don’t be tempted by special deals
High prices don’t testify to the quality of the clinic. On the other hand, the cost of running a dental clinic are high and very low prices could point to low quality materials, low quality personnel or attempts to save on disposable tools. At our clinic, we incorporate comfortable prices with the best treatment!

Because we care!
Scared? We can change your mind. Empathy to pain and human discomfort – we will make every effort so that your treatment will be as comfortable as possible.

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