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wisdom teeth and Dental Surgery

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in adults, usually between the ages of 18-21. The teeth begin development when the individual is about 13. They are located in area which is at the very back of the upper and lower jaws.

 wisdom teeth and Dental surgery in Dental Treatments

Over the last hundred thousand years, it has been observed that the human jaw has progressively become smaller; unfortunately, however, the size of the teeth has remained more or less the same. This situation sometimes causes a lack of space for the wisdom teeth to erupt, which causes the teeth to become impacted. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, there are a number of possible treatment options:

1. Decision to periodically check the status of the teeth without performing any treatment
This option will be chosen when the wisdom teeth do not pose a disturbance and there is no problem leaving them in the jaw.

2. Decision to extract the wisdom teeth
In situations when the wisdom teeth will cause problems such as pain, pushing other teeth or tooth resorption, the dentist and patient will decide together to extract the wisdom teeth.

Partially impacted wisdom teeth

Sometimes, due to insufficient space, a wisdom tooth will partially erupt but remain covered by a layer of gums. This situation can cause caries between the teeth, caries in the wisdom tooth and sometimes damage to the bone between the wisdom tooth and the molar tooth in front of it. In addition, a partially impacted wisdom tooth can also cause gingivitis around the site of eruption (pericoronitis), which causes discomfort and sometimes, severe pain.
In cases of partially impacted wisdom teeth as well, a decision must be made to either leave the tooth or extract it. In most cases of partially impacted wisdom teeth, the best solution is extraction.

At our clinic, the extraction of wisdom teeth is performed in a non-traumatic manner, so that the recovery period (whether a routine or surgical procedure is performed) is minimal, and the patient can return to his daily life quickly. In addition, our clinic has a panoramic X-ray machine that can provide information about the wisdom tooth which cannot be discerned with the equipment usually found in dental clinics.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, there is no choice but to extract teeth. In these cases, we recommend that the complex extractions be reformed by dentists who are experienced registered oral surgeons.
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