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Dentistry for children

Dental treatments for children
Dental treatments for children
It is important to bring children for their first visit to the dentist at the age of three, in order to teach them to brush, encourage and motivate them to do so and to prevent them from being afraid of the dentist, in case they need treatment in the future.

Dental treatment for children helps diagnose dental caries at its early stages.

A child’s deciduous (baby) teeth need to be treated just as permanent teeth do. Caries in these teeth can cause pain, swelling and are aesthetically displeasing, factors that can affect a child’s health as well as his social life. Caries can also pass to the permanent teeth and damage them. Early loss of baby teeth due to caries or gingivitis will change the natural sequence of the eruption of the permanent teeth, which will require complex treatments in the future.

Dental treatments for children

Teaching how to brush and remove calculus
It is very important to establish a routine of proper hygiene already at this early stage.

Sealing grooves
On the posterior teeth, there are grooves in which caries tend to develop. Filling the grooves with a special material protects the teeth for many years.

Restoration (fillings)
Dental caries must be diagnosed at their early stages, and when necessary, the damaged part of the tooth must be removed and restored.

Pulpotomy and pulpectomy (root canal for children)
Advanced caries that have not been treated in time may cause extensive damage that must be treated with a root canal.

Preformed pedodontic crown (crown for children)
A tooth affected by caries that undergoes a root canal may need to be strengthened using a crown.

Space maintainer
After a baby tooth is extracted, in order to assure that the permanent tooth will come into place properly, a space maintainer is used to maintain the empty space where the baby tooth once was.

Fluoridation - fluoride is a substance that strengthens the tooth’s outer layer. In children, this is used by the application of gel on the teeth, in order to prevent the appearance of caries in the future.

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