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Thank You Letters and Testimonials

Patient testimonials

 Chaim H., age 58, from Rishon Lezion: I suffered from dental problems that made my life miserable for years. I was in pain, I was depressed - I couldn’t chew well for years. But one day, everything changed; today, four years later, I can eat absolutely anything: steak, nuts, everything! I feel amazing, and it looks fantastic too!

 Yaakov and Gila G., ages 67, from Beersheba: Two years ago, we had our entire mouths treated in just one day. It was easier for us to come in, because we’re together. All in all, it was very successful. Beforehand, whenever I wanted to open my mouth, I was embarrassed and I would try to cover it with my hand. Today, my self-confidence is much greater, I laugh a lot and feel very comfortable!

 Yael M., age 48, from Holon: Eight years ago, all of the dentists told me that because of a bad dental treatment, I would have to get dentures. Emotionally, it was a nightmare for me. My entire self-perception as a young woman was undermined. The very thought that at my age, I would have dentures, was extremely traumatic. I did a market survey – I asked people, checked the internet, met with dentists. I was impressed by Dr. Jerry Kohen’s website. I arrived to meet him, shaking completely. He calmed me down and said that instead of extracting everything, he would try to save most of the teeth. I was very impressed by his professionalism, his explanations and the cleanliness of the clinic. Today, eight years later – when I arrived, I cried – today, I laugh! The treatment was thorough, quick and completely painless. This is a place that is based on quality, and there’s a guarantee for the treatment. I had a remedial experience, in more ways than one! I come for regular examinations, I am not afraid and I’m very satisfied.

 Nissim M., age 68, from Rehovot: Twelve years ago, I underwent a full mouth implantation in one day! Instead of the old plates, they installed bridges. I can eat anything, smile and behave normally! The very fact that they have lasted so many years and not an implant has been damaged shows that they did an excellent job.

 Motti A., age 82, from Ra’anana: At my age, eating well is very important. At first, I was apprehensive. But when I saw so many satisfied people in the waiting room, I immediately decided – this is the clinic for me! Within a short time, I had new teeth. Today, two years later, I feel great – I suffered from terrible teeth and dentures for 50 years! But then, in one day, everything changed, my menu broadened – I eat a much more balanced diet rich in vegetables. My blood pressure went down and my diabetes balanced without medication. I give my whole-hearted recommendation.

 Tammy A., age 57, from Los Angeles: I came for Passover to visit family in Israel. They saw that I was constantly suffering because of my teeth. They told me to come with them to their dentist. I didn’t believe it until the last minute, but it was true – they redid my entire mouth in less than a week! On the Seder night, I chewed with my own teeth! I have that Hollywood smile! I told my friends in America, and they didn’t believe it…until they came to Dr. Jerry Kohen’s dental clinic themselves…

 Edward, age 35, from Moscow: As a very active businessman, I never had time for treatments, and I also was quite a bit apprehensive. The solution of “all in one day” is fantastic! I arrived in the morning from the airport straight to the clinic – and at noon, I already had my new teeth! No pain, no swelling – nothing! The next morning, I was already participating at a business meeting…in Paris. Great work, this is how things should be done!

 Galit, age 28, from Tel Aviv: As a singer, aesthetics is the most important thing to me. They gave me veneers and crowns that were so beautiful that I couldn’t even remember where the crown was and where my own tooth was. Simply amazing!

 Danielle Siton: To Dr. Jerry Kohen,I came to the Dr. Jerry Kohen Dental Center with very high anxiety regarding dental treatments, but after I sat down in your dental chair, I understood that I was in good hands. Thanks to your dedicated treatment, your understanding and your soothing words, I can say that today I enjoy coming for dental treatments. It’s a privilege to know such a professional dentist like you, with such quality service and an excellent staff, which I have never seen anywhere else. Thank you for everything.

 Sara Naveh: To Dr. Gil Eisenberg From Dr. Jerry Kohen’s Dental Center: I’ll begin by saying a huge thank you. It’s not enough to be a dentist with excellent capabilities in his field And it’s rare to find a dentist who is both professional and…human. You possess a winning combination of professionalism and kindness, The ability to be attentive to the patient, To be empathetic and very sympathetic, Setting a calm, pleasant and smiling atmosphere. We set out together on a journey – to rehabilitate the mouth following an implant, And like every journey, the destination is known, And everything else is like “winning the lottery.” I definitely won! I never before came to the dentist happily, Knowing that the dentist would do everything possible To reach the best possible result. This is a very special experience, And for this, again, I thank you.

 Hagit Levi: I came to Dr. Jerry Kohen’s Dental Center for a root canal treatment and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard about the reflexology treatment I would receive during the root canal. This idea is ingenious and successful, setting a relaxed, calm atmosphere which diverts attention from the obvious anxiety that comes with dental treatments and makes it feel like a spa. Chaya the reflexologist successfully eased the tension that I was feeling. I think that next time I come in for a treatment, I’ll arrive without fear – willingly! Great work!

 Yehoshua Hava, Holon: Thank you for the professional, dedicated treatment, and for the patience and warmth you expressed during the year and a half that you worked on installing the full upper denture. I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with the procedure of the work, directed by Dr. Jerry Kohen, who carried out the complicated implants, as well as with the cooperation between the dentists. All of these factors contributed significantly to the success of the complex “project,” which is located today inside of my mouth.

 Yael Zlotnick: To Jerry, from the Dr. Jerry Kohen Dental Center, Sometimes, we don’t know what’s hiding behind the mask… And which person isn’t wearing one occasionally… I thank you for what I discovered in you: Love of people, kindheartedness, dedication, consideration, investment of effort, The willingness to think and do more than is usually customary, the compassion and of course, the professionalism. It is rare to find people whose success, benevolence and greatness did not change their essence. There are plenty of professionals, but professionalism combined with human kindness is rare. That’s what makes it so valuable, so different and special.

 Yair H: For: The Dr. Jerry Kohen Dental Center. I came to the dental center with a tooth problem, after having visited several clinics and not receiving a solution to the problem. I am pleased to say that thanks to Dr. Jerry’s professionalism, the problem was solved. I would like to thank the staff of the clinic for their warm attitude and their kindness, the staff of dentists who were always ready to help, and of course Dr. Kohen, who enabled me to smile widely thanks to his dedicated treatment.

 Neima Cohen, Holon: To the staff of the dental center, many thanks… The time has come to smile with a mouth full of perfect teeth, And to thank the entire staff of the Dr. Jerry Kohen Dental Center. To Yisrael, manager of the dental center, I sent a request, To try to slightly decrease the expense, and to my delight, he agreed. To the nice secretaries with their telephones and good will, Who always scheduled an appointment for me making me wait. To the assisting nurses who showered words of encouragement, And treated me at every session with patience and explanations. To Chaya, for the calming reflexology during the implant procedure, For the soothing atmosphere during the treatment and the lovely music. To Dr. Meir, for the skilled hands which immediately prepared the bridges, And for answering all of my questions with a patient, pleasant tone. And finally, the nice dentist, dear Dr. Jerry Kohen, With his kind eyes and special, personal attention. An expert in oral rehabilitation with hands of gold, who works like an artisan, Throughout the entire treatment worked calmly and professionally, with the attitude of a friend. Extracted, sharpened, stitched patiently, with care and love. I sat before him hypnotized, with great confidence and admiration. I went home with implanted teeth and instructions to follow. A short time later, the pain indeed decreased – a successful treatment! They say, “You’re in good hands,” and I really felt that way at the dental center. Please accept my blessings, wishes, kisses and fond affection.


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